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A different kind of abuse – and it’s gone viral on youtube

The video below has received 5.5 million hits in ten days on youtube.

We have been sent it several times by readers who think it is funny.

It is not. It degrades the entire human race and the art of music.

The percussionist involved is called Jorge Perez. The trombone is played by Roberto Pacheco. The production comes from Madrid.

If you know them, shun them. If you know how to get Yotube to take down offensive material, please do so.


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  1. Alexandra Conunova Dumortier says:


    • Carlos Reyes-Manzo says:

      A different kind of abuse… Horrible…

    • Thomas Schindowski says:

      I’m not the producer of this video and have nothing to do with.
      I put out an album for PATAX on my record label that has nothing to do with the video either.
      I sent an email to Mr. Lebrecht 4 days ago asking him to remove all this wrong
      information about me. He didn’t do anything. That’s what I would call abuse. I even received an email from somebody insulting me, although he quickly apologized afterwards.

  2. Who are these monsters?

  3. Timon Wapenaar says:

    I am the emperor Caligula’s horse, and I approve of this video.


  4. Why have you put the video on this site? I won’t view it, the above picture is enough!!

  5. Oh come off it, there’s nothing wrong with this. Well, there is, the problem is why bother doing it with 4 pairs of buttocks when they all clearly make the same sound, except I suppose for visual impact. It therefore might have been better if they’d chosen 4 very different sizes of bums, arranged in order like temple blocks, and perhaps had them farting in time at the percussionist, or something Da-da like that.
    The music could be a lot more interesting, it’s dull.

    But abusive?! come off it!

    Mildly amusing in a kind of “meh” way. The performer (“performee”?) at the end who giggles clearly found it quite amusing and I doubt very much they were coerced in any way. There are many more justifiable things about which to get your knickers in a twist (so to speak!:))

    • Agreed. Not exactly laugh-worthy amusing, but hardly abusive!
      I guess four pairs of buttocks so aligned, even if they make the same sound, allows for a better stereo spread.

    • Quite – I completely agree with Tim Benjamin, and Norman, I’m afraid the only thing in your article that I agree with, aside from the fact that 5.5million people have watched it, is that it’s not funny. Why do you find this so offensive and degrading?

      This sort of thing can be done so much better: see the following

      Having brought this to your attention Norman, I look forward to you classifying this as degrading and offensive, unless you’re just offended by the version with women in it. As you can see, the level of violence in this video is much more extreme – look at the red marks all over his belly!

      • That one’s very good! Much better than the buttocks one. (I guess the sensitive among us might argue that it’s the unclothed black guy getting beaten on by the smartly clothed white guys, but I won’t go there)

        I’m disappointed at the lack of punnery in response to this. I detected at least one bum note in the trombone part…

      • Utterly ridiculous comparison. One video commodified women and legitimised hitting them, the other is a little unkind to an obese man but does not deprive him of an identity or of his dignity.

        • On the contrary, the comparison is quite valid. One man is being slapped by three “percussionists”, if anything, more intensively than the four women are by one, so how is the latter more offensive? The only difference is that the man’s face is shown while women’s faces are not, but the argument can be made that this way their identities are better protected from those who may find this objectionable. If, for example, someone makes a potentially embarrassing picture of your body and displays it on the internet (without your name of course), would you prefer if your face is clearly visible? Most, including me, wouldn’t. The video is certainly not in so-called “good taste” and is not terribly funny, but it is mildly amusing and professionally rather well performed, so to censure it would be a wildly disproportionate overreaction.

          • Martin Locher says:

            I’m beyond believe, that this video is seen as an advert for violence. It’s not and it also shows no more nudity than you see in the summer. There is no reason to censor this video.

            These people try to be funny. They find an audience. Good for them.

            If two (or in this case more) agree to such an activity, we shall accept it. No dignity is lost, just a few brave women go on a stage to act as a drum. I actually admire their stamina. Butt slapping happens in lots of bedrooms every night. The backsides don’t get hurt more, than they would by hours on a bike.

            So, if you worry about the wellbeing of individuals, think about bullying in schools or the sense of all those full contact sports watched by millions.

    • Absolutely. One can find a thousand things more worth our protest than this…

  6. I don’t condone the video and find it boring, I merely state the obvious: It’s a video of a guy playing drum skins stretched over plastic shaped like women’s behinds. It was obvious within 2 seconds.

  7. While I certainly do not condone this activity, Howard Stern was doing this years ago….and activity described as “Butt Bongo.”

  8. Gilbert Dejean says:

    Would it make a difference if it was both male and female buttocks in the video?

    • Timon Wapenaar says:

      Certainly. The trombone part would have to be transposed down a fourth if male buttocks were employed, quite apart from the obvious timbral differences.

  9. Gus Mahler says:

    I was hoping the buttocks in question would be pitched. Langsam!

  10. What is the problem? I hope slippeddisc is not becoming fundamentalistic

  11. I hope that the percussionist paid for the use of the backsides.

  12. Oh so terrible! People voluntarily doing something that involves buttocks! Oh dear! Oh dear!

  13. Dr. Marc Villeger says:

    Blowing the trumptes of righteous indignation… and yet free advertisement! Once again…

  14. Michael Endres says:

    Ultimately responsible for this kind of attitude are institutions like the Vienna Philharmonic . Bottom percussion is the equivalent of the VPO’s New Years concert . Both events should be banned.

  15. Perhaps we need to turn the other cheek. This man is a musician, not a bum. He’s merely trying to raise a few bucks to buy some rump roast and maybe some buns for his family. As musicians we rarely bring him a bountiful booty for our skills, so in the end he’s just honing his craft. In this age where musicians are so poor they are selling the junk in their trunk, hopefully he’ll get enough money from Youtube to take some l’ass to dinner.

  16. James Creitz says:

    Bravo, Norman, for bringing the link and the credits to the musicians, thereby increasing the 5.5 million views.

  17. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    Sorry to ruin the prudefest, but this is something quite common in San Francisco, and it is a SENSUAL sexual spanking. This is fetishistic behavior and a form of very safe SEX. You can hear the consensually-spanked women laughing at the end. NO ONE WAS ABUSED, they were all in on the joke, and the joke is on the prudes who were horrified…

    This is fetishistic behavior, morphed into some sort of art. Whether it is liked or approved, is up to the individual, but I found this more entertaining than the current film version of LES MISERABLES, which is a disgusting piece of pseudo-operatic dreck. At least, this one is short, and not drunk with its own relevance…

    • Alan Paterson says:

      I am not sure whether the “relevance” Les Mis is “relevant” to current the thread. So you didn’t like Les Mis? So what!

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