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Your weekend listening, viewing, reading

1 Late Hardy always does it for me .

2 Fresh out of studio: that haunting Glück melody


3 Hang out in Berlin tomorrow with soprano Barbara Hannigan:

4 If you read just one novel this month, make it this one. I am haunted by its author’s voice.



5 Happy birthday, Luto. 100 years old today.

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  1. Judy Wagner says:

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Hardy essay.

  2. If you happen to be offering ideas for next weekend…. La Folle Journée in Nantes is certain to have something for everyone! I arrived in France yesterday with VOCES8, the group I sing with, to start a week of regional concerts in advance of the main event and before next Sunday night is done, we’ll have performed 15 concerts, including 3 visits to local prisons. A great place to be, and the weekend of the main festival in Nantes is simply, purely and wonderfully crazy…. as the name suggests.

  3. Norman-

    Thank you. The Hardy is a real treat- deeply felt and beautifully crafted poetry, and a wonderful analysis, to boot. (And, who would have known that Akey teaches in Brooklyn.)

    And thank you for your other selections as well- beautiful work and wonderful renditions.

    It is art like this that is a reminder that our Hobbesian world will not always be overwhelming.

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