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Young musicians take flight from Italy

Il Corriere has a feature on the growing number of young talents who are fleeing the country in pursuit of richer experience and in fear of artistic downturn. The three musicians featured are Raffaele Pe, who’s in London, Carla Nahadi Babelegotto (Berlin) and Andrea Baggi (Switzerland). Read it here.

carla nahadi2

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  1. I could write a doctoral thesis if you asked me about the situation of young and not-so-young classical music talents from Spain. My personal experience as a pianist in all three featured places (London, Berlin, Switzerland) has been very frustrating. I don’t want to blame anybody or any country for my experience. I can say London has been by far the most difficult place to survive decently. 15 months of wait to perform in an unpaid lunchtime recital are the daily bread for many young (and good) musicians living in London. Sometimes I think that people should be discouraged from trying to become professional classical music artist. Or else life discourages them anyway. It doesn’ really matter. The more you love classical music, the less chances you have of making a “career”. Just look at the backgrounds of those who actually run this “business” – recording industry, promoters, agents, chairmans of halls and opera houses. Who needs a few names?

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