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Where’s Barenboim tonight? Defying the boycott

He was supposed to play in Qatar last year but the recital was cancelled under pressure from political interests calling for a boycott of all Israelis.

But he’s back, playing¬†Schubert sonata in C minor, D. 958 and in A major D.959, tonight at the Katara Opera House.



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  1. Mark E Hughes says:

    Opposing tyranny and thought control with great art. Barenboim deserves nothing less than plaudits.

  2. Violachick says:

    Good – I’m glad to hear he’s back to playing the piano and hope he keeps the baton firmly parked. I was truly shocked at the turgid interpretation, shoddyness in detail/ensemble and general lack of orchestral colour of his Beethoven cycle in the proms. I was also staggered at the vast sycophancy displayed by Radio 3. I can think of many orchestras I’d pay to hear playing a Beethoven cycle – the East West Divan/Barenboim partnership is certainly not one of them Their politics may well be laudable, but their musicianship is well short of world class.

  3. Technically, Mr. Barenboim is not “defying the boycott.” If anyone, the concert promoters are. He is crashing the barriers. There is a difference, however subtle.

  4. It is pretty ironic that Barenboim, of all people, should be boycotted as an Isreali. The poor fellow is already boycotted in Israel because he plays Wagner and he is sympathetic to the Palestinians.

    Funny fact : the linked article refers to him as a composer! Someone did not do their fact-checking homework.

  5. Norman Jacobs says:

    Barenboim is a pianist and conductor – NOT a composer as Al Arabiyah’s headline declares!

  6. neil van der linden says:

    One would rather say that Qatar is defying the boycott.
    By the way according to the Al Arabiya website Barenboim is a composer as well, or a composer and pianist, and not a conductor, seemingly.
    Meanwhile according to the Qatar Opera House’s site he played chamber music by Schubert along with Elena Bashkirova, piano, and Daniel’s son Michael Barenboim, violin.

    Franz Schubert
    Sonatina for violin and piano in D major, D 384
    Franz Schubert
    Fantasia for piano for four hands in F minor, D 940

    Franz Schubert:
    Andantino varié for piano for four hands in B minor, D 823
    Franz Schubert:
    Fantasie for violin and piano in C major, D 934

    • Lord Montague says:

      Daniel Barenboim is a very lucky man. Or how many men on this planet can spend time with their wives and kids by making music together and then even being paid for that?

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