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Weird New Year (2): Berlin horns find old acquaintance

A shot of Scotch wakes up the Philharmonie.

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  1. Beautiful sound, lovely playing. No brassiness! Aah, horns at their best!

  2. Steve de Mena says:

    Looks like the Kammermusiksaal, not the Philharmonie.

  3. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Isn’t the entire building called the Philharmonie which contains two halls, the concert hall from 1963 and the chamber music hall which dates from the 1980s? The hornists do appear to be trumpeting their wares in the chmaber music space of the Philharmonie. But, I am not an expert and have unfortunately only seen the building from the exterior. I beg to be corrected…

  4. The word “Philarmonie” stands for either the entire building or the main concert hall itself. The Kammermusiksaal wasn’t added until decades after the place was built, alas.

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