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Watch how newspapers are losing the plot (and their pants)

The owners of Belgium’s main newspapers commissioned an advertising agency at Christmas time to show why they are still relevant and compelling. There is at least one flaw in the argument. You may read it below.

Flaw: None of the ‘events’ shown in this video would have appeared first in a newspaper. If they were newsworthy, they would have shown up online, probably on social networks. Newspapers would be reduced to commenting on what millions had already seen, a point of irrelevance.

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  1. But don’t you think the whole point of newspapers is the fact that they are highly portable, light, tactile, physical and they allow you in-depth information on the latest news? Newspapers are where we expect to get the in-depth scoop on things; online is mainly for cat pictures and funny memes, I find. Call me old-fashioned, but I much prefer a good old paper newspaper to any online information. It’s easier on the eyes. Not to mention it doesn’t need a battery…


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