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Verdi for buskers: a big soprano lets rip

You know those mornings in the shower when you start an aria and haven’t a clue after the opening line how it’s meant to continue. Well, it happens to the best of us. Only the pros know how to busk it to a satisfying conclusion.

Watch the ingenuity of up-and-coming Lisette Oropesa, captured in the rehearsal room (at Florida Grand Opera, where she’s the next Pamina). Oh, she is so warmed up…

lisette oropesa

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  1. What a pity that Miami only ranks 167th in the world for opera performances per year, even though it has the 7th largest metro population in the USA at 5.5 million. Its Metropolitan Gross Product is 257 billion, the 20th largest in the world – but opera at 167th… Singers like Lisette Oropesa should be performing there year-round in a fully dedicated opera house.

    Perhaps it is no surprise. In 2003, Miami’s orchestra, the Florida Philharmonic went bankrupt and never reformed. Hopes for reorganization were further stunted when the 10 year Miami residency of the Cleveland Orchestra was announced in 2007. The Cleveland Orchestra now works in the city as a scab orchestra.

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