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US radio station offers free Beethoven download set

Joe Goetz, the afternoon classical host at Vermont Public Radio, had a little dream. He wanted to give listeners something new for 2013. So, over several months, he recorded his favourite cellist and pianist in a complete set of the five Beethoven sonatas, culminating in live performances in Burlington this weekend.

From today, and for the rest of January, you can receive them on free download anywhere in the world. Just click here.


beethoven_project_3_smallThe performers are Benjamin Capps and David Kaplan and the interpretations are terrific. Enjoy!


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  1. Joe Goetz says:

    The concert associated with this project happened last night and was presented by Burlington Ensemble, a local group with a very unique business model, in which ticket prices are very low and 90% of the proceeds benefit local non-profits. Read more about BE’s mission at

    • John Hammer says:

      That was a fantastic concert. Unbelievable and I am so appreciative of the downloads. Thank you Joe, Ben and Davis.

  2. Thank you for providing these. I’m dazzled by how easy it was to download them, no muss, no fuss. OK, I dazzle easily.

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