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The world’s oldest quartet changes a string

The Gewandhaus string quartet of Leipzig, playing uninterrupted since 1808, replaced its viola player today.

Vincent Aucante (2nd right) steps in for Olaf Hallmann, whose father played in the quartet from 1958 to 1993. Both violinists, Frank-Michael Erben and Conrad Suske, are also sons of former quartet members. The cellist is Jürnjakob Timm.

All are members of the Gewandhaus orchestra. More here.

gewandhaus quartet



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  1. Peter - a different one from the other Peter says:

    “playing uninterrupted since 1808″.. that is phenomenal !
    Staying together for over 200 years, and without even a toilet break.
    Maybe they played string trios while one of them nipped round the corner.

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