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The Polish genius behind the greatest recording machine

In the golden autumn of radio – the age of great documentaries and few television channels that ended with the arrival of satellite broadcasting – one machine was the acme of recording. It could capture birdsong in the highest of trees, the whisper of a cello bow on a bridge and a lie before it left a politician’s mouth. It was also so, so beautiful to look at and handle.

It was the heart’s desire of every radio man and woman.

It was, of course, the treasured Nagra.

Its inventor, Stefan Kudelski, died in Switzerland this week, aged 84. Bless him.


More here.

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  1. Steve de Mena says:

    The Nagras are beautiful & very functional, in the way Range Rovers are to sport utility vehicles and Hasselblad & Leica cameras are to photography.

    I learned this today:
    Nagra means “will record” in Polish, the mother tongue of Kudelski.

    Thanks for letting us know about his passing.

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