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The first classical album to sell more downloads than discs is…

You’re not going to guess.

I’ll tell you in a minute.

But first why does it matter? Because this, the labels believe, is where we’re all heading.

Before the grave, that is.


It’s Ludovico Einaudi’s In A Time Lapse. Read more here.

Einaudi, scion of an Italian publishing dynasty, is an easy-listening crossover artist with a strong chillout following on rock stations.

He’s not typical. Nor is the 72:28 digi to album split.

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  1. As a school teacher I know how young people warm to his music. Could this explain why he’s first to cross into download-land?

  2. Mike Williams says:

    This may be the first time it’s happened for an artist with one of the major labels, but there are smaller labels like Bedroom Community, or others who use Bandcamp, where classical artists have the major part of their sales by download.

  3. blue pumpkin says:

    Are we really calling this Classical music? Surely it would mean more, much more, if the download had been a new recording of a Beethoven symphony, the Brandenburg Concertos with a period group or a Britten opera. I don’t think this really means much at all to the serious lover of Classical music – and by that I don’t mean some out-of-touch nerd but simply someone who loves music from Perotin to Steve Reich.
    And by the way, I do download! Reich’s ” Music for 18 Musicians” is a fantastic download and you don’t drive the neighbours mad.

    • Indeed Blue!

      Doesn’t matter CD or download. Pop, Rock, folks etc. They always sold more than classical. Even if you compare a titan od sales as Karajan in the 80′s with Jan Michael Jarre, for example (From 1978 until 1994 Jarre sold 80 million among his 5 albums). However, in the past no one call Jarre as classic. Not even with this “crossover” added. (Perhaps, in the past a lot people of also say Karajan was something else or a Crossover).

      Artists like that did not call himself “classical” in anyway. I think the present generation is a little pretentious about names and stamps. At the end it doesn’t matter too much, besides been cause of mistaken comparisons. Ludovico can be really good, but the experience to listen is different than a Rautavaara piano piece, that doesn’t work if you just let it playing without paying too much attention. We cannot make everything easy and simple, just because the majority don’t want to burn their brains a little. This is not the solution, but just an easy way out to increase figures.

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