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Sergei Filin goes on TV to forgive his attackers

The heavily bandaged artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet appeared on Russian television tonight and seemed to be seeking closure to the acid attack that put him in hospital with disfiguring injuries.

But by saying ‘I forgive everyone, and God will be their judge,’ he seemed to confirm that he suspected the attackers came from within the Bolshoi. s Filin put it: ‘someone satisfying their ambitions or quenching the pain of resentment.’

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sergei filin

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  1. richardcarlisle says:

    It’s obvious sulfuric acid is a terrible agent of disfigurment… which begs the thought: would it be too much of a stretch to have secret dispensers (controlled by staff) of the stuff in airliners to ruin the day for hijackers; wouldn’t simply advertising its use without following through constitute a possible deterrent?

    Bank robbers, home security– instead of guns?

    • Sulfuric acid is hard to contain and doesn’t discriminate. In an airplane you could, hypothetically, spray it at a hijacker, but could also melt a hole in the bottom of the plane.

      • richardcarlisle says:


        What WILL drill a pressure-leaking perforation in the skin of an aircraft is the gun now toted by pilots… as a Rutgers chem major I can offer assurance the amount of sulfuric acid– one ounce–that will do a number on a human face can’t even work its way through the floor carpet, let alone the carpet-supporting floor board and the aircraft skin under that.

        Concentrated SA craves water and reacts quickly with flesh because of its high water content; other substances lacking water are much slower reacting such as carpets and aluminum providing ample time to apply neutralizing sodium bicarbonate.

        And why not consider announcing its potential implementation for discussion and reactions… might be interesting… if it proves in time to be an effective remedy there could be time and cost savings with reduced security measures.

        The cost of exploring the concept would be trivial compared with a possible blessing of lower fares and a sense of security for all concerned.

      • Maybe more to the point, the acid could easily splash onto innocent passengers.

        • richardcarlisle says:

          If an ounce of fluid is dispensed in a controlled directional spray how much injury could a bystander suffer and given the choice of flying into a building what would you choose?

          The deterrent effect of simply announcing its use (and never using it) would seem worthy of study.

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