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Seen the finger-lickin’ Texas version of Hava Nagila?

We’ve been sent this multicultural version of the well-known Israeli knees-up song from a church in the heart of Texas. It gets kinda interesting around 1:50.

This is Pastor John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Every year, they raise millions for Israel-based charities – $69 million and counting. Hagee is national chairman of Christians United for Israel.


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  1. Timon Wapenaar says:

    I smell khazze fisl. Klezmer without minor chords is like Macon: capable of fully satisfying neither those who know what bacon tastes like, nor those who would wish to. I’m sorry to say that this arrangement swings like a lead balloon and has sucked all the Yiddishkeit out of the song. For real Texas Jews, please see:

  2. I think it’s wonderful to see how enthusiastically the Church members join in, how they open their ears and hearts
    and swing with this great tune, and how it is mixed, very cleverly with the Hebrew text. No wonder the Church
    is full. OneI wishes for more Churches to be so open-minded and supportive of Israel.

  3. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    These Texan right-wing churches are only supporting Israel because they believe in the prophecy about Armageddon, when Jews will be offered the choice between renouncing their faith and embracing Christianity, or FACING DEATH…

    They believe in supporting the State of Israel ONLY because of that idiotic prophecy about the end times,

  4. I doubt many Israelis, to say nothing of American Jews, want to cast their lot with “Reverend” Hagee. He’s implied that Jews brought the holocaust on themselves, made anti-Catholic statements, and blamed homosexuality – rather than Global Warming – for Hurricane Katrina.

    • Timon Wapenaar says:

      Thanks for this. I knew this guy was trayf. This Christian fundamentalist pro-Israel stuff is all just dominion theology and politics translated into the language of the Christian Old Testament anyway, and has nothing to do with approaching the soul of Judaism.

  5. Who would have thought that the Beverly Hillbillies had converted to Evangelo-Judaism and retired to San Antonio. Actually, that’s not an apt figure of speech, as I have much more respect for the musical accomplishments and taste of the Beverly Hillbillies. This cockup is simply embarrassing, in a horridly fascinating way.

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