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Rumanian musician found dead near Brighton

Vasile Stanescu, a Rumanian jazz violinist well known along England’s South Coast for 15 years, has been found dead at his home  in Crawley,  mid-Sussex. He was 53 and had been suffering from lymphatic cancer. Funds are being raised to bring his family over from Rumania for the funeral. To help out, please contact

Vasile (Baz) Stanescu - violin_std

May his busy fingers rest in peace.

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  1. May he rest in peace.
    By the way, the country’s name is Romania, so he was a romanian.

  2. The official name of the country is Romania, recognized by pretty much the whole wide world. The word rumanian haven’t been used since the 19th century when it was used to refer to the people living in Wallachia. For some reason some british dictionaries,people, etc still use the form rumanian derived from the french translation, Roumanie, but after a short google search it seems that most of the government bodies, translators use the word romanian and Romania(I said most because it would take me a few hours to verify all institutions and the entire internet).
    To be honest whenever I hear people referring to me as rumanian I fell a bit offended, because I was born and raised in Transylvania.

    • But Transylvania is part of Romania, isn’t i? So what’s so offensive about that?

      • Yes, it is. That was meant to be a ..joke.
        I am trying really hard to learn english properly and not do any mistakes, grammar or spelling, as a sign of respect for you, your country and your language. It is common sense after all.

  3. the Brits are a disaster as far as foreign names are concerned. They still give the French names of most of Flanders cities etc. Hopeless…..

  4. There was an official decision, in the 60s, to spell Romania and Romanian, instead of Rumania and Rumanian. So, Rumanian is obsolete!

  5. Rumanian or Romanian, it is not so important. Congratulations for helping in this tragic situation!

  6. DrewLewis says:

    I wonder if Stefan’s ‘joke’ exemplifies either Romanian humour or humourless ‘common sense’.

  7. …as, for that matter, does the OED:

    >”Until recently Rumanian was the dominant spelling in the 20th cent., but now Romanian is the officially preferred form.”

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