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Oh, no! Beyonce did a Pavarotti for the Prez

In 2009 at the first Obama inauguration there were complaints that the classical quartet were miming to a pre-synched tape in below-freezing temps. They had to do it to stop their fingers falling off.

Well, now it has been confirmed that Beyoncé did the same in the Star-Spangled Banner. Her excuse? No excuse.

‘We did pre-record it and it was Beyoncé’s decision at the last minute to go with the pre-recorded version,’ said a spokeswoman.

When Big Lucy was caught doing that on the BBC, he was made to pay back his fee. What’s Beyoncé’s penalty?

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  1. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    There are pics of the recording session on the Marine Band facebook page. It wasn’t a secret. They should simply announce it in advance or have a trailer going across the bottom of the screen saying: pre-recorded. Her penalty is that she will sing it in 3/4 next time.

    • Miles Golding says:

      Why on earth do arrangers change the metre in this way? That is the most offensive thing about this “performance”. Hendrix shook it about a bit at Woodstock but didn’t disturb the triple-time feel.

      Some brass band arranger who should know better has shat on Holst in the same way. I heard it at Twickenham some time ago; the band played a medley that included Holst’s “Thaxted”, aka “I Vow To Thee My Country.” that has likewise been distorted into quadruple metre.

      What is the point? It simply destroys the character of the song.

      Love the Stravinsky!

  2. If it was prerecorded she should have stayed at home and kept warm!!

  3. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Here’s what happens in Boston when you mess with the SSB. Criminels everywhere, beware.

    Please read the comments, fascinating. An urban legend…

  4. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Please close the windows for this one, the coppers might be listening. (Glenn Gouldm out of control)

  5. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    And for those who just can’t get enough:

    This was performed live in 2007 at 0C with a wind of 20k. During the flyover at the end, would you believe that every jet is piloted by a music student? Or not? Sorry for those who already hear this on the Facebook side.

  6. Robin Blonstein says:

    Unfortunately this is so commonplace it is not seen as an infraction worthy of garnering a penalty. No moral breach here. Just business as usual. No matter if it’s for the Commander in Chief. No apologies, no shame, just make me sound good. Well, that’s up for debate as well.

  7. Robt. Switzer says:

    If it’s true she was lip-syncing, I must say she did just about the best job of it I’ve ever seen. Whenever the camera was on her and her mouth visible, I noticed absolutely no slip-ups, all the more extraordinary a live event with cameras at all angles. I replayed it to confirm my reaction, and she was spot on.

  8. Brian Hughes says:

    Thank you for the metrical penalty, Robert. Of course we have the late Whitney Houston to thank for that one. Norman, tell me if I am wrong, but is a European national anthem sung solo (as is almost always done here) or is it a communal rendition? I’ve always wanted to know….

    Of course, that being said, it’s a horrible song with martial lyrics and damn hard to sing all the notes, much less in correct time….(slings and arrows now coming my way)

  9. gerald brennan says:

    Considering the occasion, the decision to fake it was perfectly, emblematically appropriate.

  10. She is fake .cant doubt this

  11. Beyonce’s performance was an offence to music. Not because she mimed but how she messed with a perfectly good melody. Sing is straight – simple is more effective. Hoping this link works – it’s had me laughing all day.

  12. Tom Hartley says:

    Confess to Oprah, Beyonce.

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