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Moscow upgrades Dutch maestro

The Moscow Symphony Orchestra has promoted its principal guest conductor to chief conductor. Arthur Arnold has been working with the band since 2001.

arthur arnold

Press release:

Moscow Symphony Orchestra appoints Dutch conductor as new chief
The Moscow Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce the appointment of maestro Arthur Arnold from the Netherlands as its new chief conductor. Arthur Arnold is already well known to the orchestra, having served as principal guest conductor since 2001.
Arthur Arnold conducted the Moscow Symphony Orchestra regularly in Moscow in the Grand Hall of theMoscow Conservatory, the Tchaikovsky Hall and in the Arkhangelskoe festival, as well as in the Dutch tours.
“Audiences loved the combination of conductor and orchestra, each concert was an incredible success and the orchestra played to full houses. But even more important, the orchestra has grown under the guidance of Arnold. It is the logical next step to appoint Arthur Arnold our chief conductor. Arthur has
been deeply involved with the orchestra fundraising activities,” says Marina Levine, managing director and founder of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. “Arthur Arnold’s appointment coincides beautifully with our participation in the Dutch – Russian bilateral year 2013.”

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  1. Oh, God, but it’s one of those orchestras with the names sounding much (and I mean it) nicer, then the actual sound they make.
    It’s more like a festival orchestra, many people treats the concerts as gigs. Not the one to keep your eye on.

    • The sound they made in de Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam was absolutely fantastic. The audience was very excited. And believe me, this audience has seen their fare share of orchestra’s…

  2. I heard them in the Robeco Summer Series for a few years (which is by the way a gig, not a festival). They were really good – I’d go back to hear them any time.

  3. This is fantastic news! I’ve recorded with this orch and worked with the conductor numerous times. It is a great match for a very well-established orch that consistently sells out the hall to a very appreciative, educated audience consistently rewarded with incredible music-making.

  4. Andre Volk says:

    And who was the previous MD? Actually there are (too) many orchestras in Moscow, and the level of them is quite different: from Pletnev’s Russian National Orchestra to…well, there are few candidates for the last place.

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