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Monte Carlo names successor to late Yakov Kreizberg

It’s the Italian Gianluigi Gelmetti, formerly of Stuttgart and Sydney.


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  1. OMG. Well… he does live in Monte Carlo I guess…

  2. DuffySwiss says:

    … and formerly Music Director of the Monte Carlo Philharmonic!

  3. Lambert Oschner says:

    Gelmetti has a [redacted] small repertoire, work as little as possible, eat good foods, drink good wines and lots of siestas.

    • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

      Please tell him to invite me to lunch at the Louis XV, chez Ducasse, aux frais de la Princesse. I shall write a full report for Slipped Disc.

  4. Comment by Oschner is pure defamation that deserves a lawsuit. I have been student and assistant of Gelmetti for years and actually I do not talk with him a my judge of him as a human being is really poor but has not a small repertore, he has a huge one even if he prefers to concentrate his work on less titles in last years, He works a lot studying night and day. Besides this why eat good food or dring good wine should be a problem? Internet can be really a dirty job used in such a way by frustrated people…

    • Luigi Carbonare says:

      Maestro Parisi, Oschner is unfortunately correct in his opinion about Gelmetti. [redacted] I know members of RSO Stuttgart got tired of Gelmetti’s way of working. The level of the orchestra went down considerably when he was the Chief Conductor there

      • Vittorio Parisi says:

        Sorry but I know people of that orchestra who thinks opposite. Anyway an opinion is an opinion and can be said and written without offending a conductor. If he has been named in so many high level orchestra this means that a lot of players appreciates his conducting.

  5. I have seen Gelmetti a few times with the RSO Stuttgart and found the concerts generally very good. I very well remember a performance of Le sacre du printemps with the BBC So at the Proms in the late 80s which was very impressive, one of the best I have heard. I don’t really know how big his repertoire is, but in Stuttgart, he did a lot of contemporary music, including world premieres, so it’s probably not as small as was suggested here.

  6. Mark O'Sullivan says:

    Gelmetti started at Sydney with a bang and and flash, and wowed with his eccentricities, flair and panache in the early days. Problem is, he kept sticking to the same repertoire in the later years – especially with Beethoven and various French works. That’s why there will be people in Sydney who won’t remember him fondly. What he gave Sydney, though, I think, was a bit more of a singing tone than they had with the more austere Edo de Waart. But de Waart built the orchestra’s quality and consistency, which Gelmetti, I don’t think, built upon. That was clear when Ashkenazy arrived and took the orchestra to new heights. However, if Monte Carlo wants an embraceable, effusive conductor who brings a nice singing quality, then Gelmetti will be a good fit.

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