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Martha Argerich in pyjamas? In this new film…

The illustrious pianist’s daughter, Stéphanie, has made a film about her mother. It’s called Bloody Daughter and, while admiring and affectionate, it does not leave out the contentious parts of her mother’s life, such as the loss of custody to one of her children.

Nor does it shrink from the mundane. ‘Some might be shocked to see Martha Argerich in pyjamas,’ says Stéphanie in an interview with Rodrigo Carrizo Couto. ‘But that’s their problem not mine! That’s how I’ve always known her.’ Read the interview here.


A scene from Bloody Daughter: Martha Argerich with her three daughters, (from left) Stéphanie, Annie and Lyda (Intermezzo Films)

The film has been retitled ‘Argerich’ for its first showing in Switzerland next week. We’re very keen to see it.


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  1. This film has already been shown on Australian TV. It is wonderful and reveals the sources of much of the extraordinary but compelling tensions in Argerich’s pianism. I wonder how many other “living legends” would allow such public disclosure of their demons.

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