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Latest: Acid-attack Bolshoi boss will need transplant to save his sight

Doctors at the 36th city hospital in Moscow have been discussing the condition of the Bolshoi artistic director Sergei Filin, who was brought in after a midnight acid attack outside his home.

They say he has burns to the face and neck of 2.3 to four degrees. His face will require plastic surgery ad there is a third degree burn to the cornea, which will have to be replaced by transplant. At present, he has 40 percent vision.

His wife, Maria Prorvich, is at his bedside. Messages of sympathy and support are flooding in from across the ballet world. More here (in Russian).

serge filin

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  1. This is dreadful. Who could have done this? A MAFIA attack maybe?

  2. Why was he attacked?

  3. I’m currently listening to the news here in Moscow and they say doctors will know the exact outcome only in 2 weeks, so maybe this, without a doubt, important news is a premature one?

  4. Was it some sort of hate crime? Or political perhaps? Horrible.

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