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Joshua Bell is up for an Oscar

He accompanies Scarlet Johansson in the nominated theme song, Before My Time, for the documentary, Chasing Ice. His solo comes in at 1:30.


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  1. Seems that it’s the composition which was NOMINATED for “Best Original Song” — seems that there’s no Oscar for the performance.

    But I love the combination of piano, voice and violin — sadly, I cannot say that Ms. Johansson’s vocal talents match up to Joshua Bell’s fine playing. Maybe it’s the subject matter, but it all leaves a very cold impression on me.

    A much better result was achieved by Rachmaninoff and Kreisler here, IMHO (this time with a real singer) — Rachmaninoff: Romance, Op. 4 No. 4: « Не пой, красавица! » (“Oh Cease Thy Singing, Maiden Fair!”)
    for voice, violin and piano:

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