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It’s over: opera’s glamour pair to divorce

The Rumanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu has announced her divorce from French tenor Roberto Alagna.

The pair met in La Bohème at Covent Garden in 1994 and married two years later, after the death of Alagna’s wife. He was left with a child to raise, and she was looking after the child of her late sister. They became known alternately as Romeo and Juliet, Posh and Becks or, pejoratively, Mrs & Mrs Ceaucescu.

Both were prone to volatile behaviour and cancellations. At their best, they were irreplaceable.

alagna gheorghiu

Alagna has talked in the past of separation, but this time the divorce seems final.

Here’s Angela’s interview (in French). ‘Nous avons décidé d’un commun accord et en parfaite amitié avec Roberto Alagna d’un divorce imminent, qui sera prononcé très prochainement,‘ she told the agency reporter. That’s pretty clear, in any language.

Alagna is in New York today, rehearsing Andrea Chenier.

Here’s Angela at Covent Garden in 2011, interviewed for Bloomberg by Farah Nayeri.

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  1. Richard Barker says:

    Oh dear, what can the matter be,….

  2. Graf Nugent says:

    Pretty hokey. They’ve been living seperate lives for years.

  3. Mark Pemberton says:

    Have you heard about Gheorghiu’s kleptomania? Apparently she always pockets a piece of costume jewellery at the end of any run, as a reminder of happy times. Rather sweet.

    • Yes, really sweet. The way she also refuses to rehearse or get her costumes fitted. Such happy times, such a sweetie.

  4. She…. needs… lots of publicity

    (we can all singalong with this one)

  5. Gary Carpenter says:

    I often heard them called ‘Bob and Ange’…

  6. Nah, they’ll be cancelling…

  7. A shame….they were an utterly charming pair in “La Rondine” at the Met.

    • Darlene Moak says:

      I agree. La Rondine saw a great performance from both of them – very believable. But no surprise that divorce is imminent.

  8. I think it’s good for Angie’s career: she was planning of recording Manon Lescaut with Roberto, but he is no longer in top vocal form. So it’s better if she pairs to sing with Kaufmann or Caleja instead.

    At this stage in his career, collaborating with Angela would mean bringing her down.

    In the same interview, she actually said that the main activity of 2013 will be plenty of recordings. I hope that will include the full Aida and Manon Lescaut.

    • I think she should sing exclusively with Kaufmann. A perfect match in all ways even though his voice is a bit bigger than hers.

  9. This announcement is from PR, remember? I corresponded aith AG for nearly 3 years
    - closely – at least I learned a lot about the inner workings of Opera….
    the public knows ONLY what AG’s PR want them to know,,,, which is always quite
    far from the whole story…. This makes at least the 3rd separation, and the second Divorce,
    if anyone cares…. Rob’s defects make AG’s seem mild, if the truth was known…
    And, I wish AG well — primarily regarding her health issues….and I wish her well
    in her singing …. her future, and legacy,, will be in the recording studio,
    and in recital, not in full productions….it has been that way for a long
    time, with or w/o Rob…

    • She seems quite healthy to me, physically.

    • It's That Steve Again (ITSA) says:

      What you say Sid, fits with my preliminary impressions regarding AG. People may be having too much fun being unkind to her. I guess that’s human nature.

  10. Is no one going to mention their former monicker in the business as the Chaucheskus? Or recall the minor international incident when Angela wouldn’t wear the blond wig in Japan? (Michaela in Carmen must be a blond, o course). Fond memories indeed

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