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Hungary spirals deeper into racism: the view from Yale

Yale Emeritus professor Eva S. Balogh has published another acute analysis of the descent of the Hungarian political process into outright racism. Read it here.

Victor Orban and his government have ignored outside pressure to come to grips with the far right. The time may soon come when Hungary is ostracised by the world’s artists and the rest of Europe. So sad that they have learned nothing from history.


photo: EJC

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  1. Peter Freeman says:

    Which nation has ever learned anything from history? We just plod on making the same mistakes in different ways. Britain no longer has an empire but continues to waste our taxes on fighting other countries’ wars at the cost of countless lives on both sides, attack by those charged with defence, yet closes hospitals, schools, libraries, police, fire and ambulance stations on our own shores. Madness prevails globally, alas!

    • @ Peter Freeman: Well said.

    • Fantastic and lucid point of view, Peter.

      Take the Portuguese case, for instance: the government, amidst one of the biggest unemployement crisis ever in the country, has just approved a huge loan to a bank, that in turn will use it to buy public debt. Now, the bank will charge interests for this public debt buying higher than those charged by the government for their loan. Please explain this to me as if I am completly stupid…

  2. Peter Freeman says:


  3. Stephen Carpenter says:

    Should we take the lessons unlearned to heart? Can we see that radical rightism no matter where, has common roots, pulling nourishment from the same cesspool of ideas? If there were a lot of us that would stand up and say, “No” would it make a difference?
    I dispair.

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