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How musicians lead their lives, as seen in their music

This piece of cinema verité has been shot to accompany a debut release by Haiku Salut, a trio from the Derbyshire Dales who are part neo-classical, part electronica, part folk. It reflects the way they, and most of us, go about our daily biz. The piece is called Los Elefantes. The primary influence (see below) is Swedish.

The trio of Gemma, Louise and Sophie first met at university in 2006. They
played together in a few local bands in Derbyshire but decided to attempt
something slightly more ambitious when Louise was given an accordion for
Christmas in 2010. They pinpointed Tiersen and Charest as influences, as
well as cult Swedish folktronica trio Detektivbyran, and then booked a show
before they¹d written any songs. In an intense four week period, they wrote
their first six songs, three of which ended up on their debut EP, ³How We
Got Along After the Yarn Bomb², which came out in 2011. The highlight of the
EP, ³Vowels As Clear As Church Bells², subsequently featured on the
soundtrack for the short film ³Three Creatures².

Since then, the trio have recorded sessions for Resonance FM and Dandelion
Radio, played the Y Not festival in Derbyshire and Indietracks (after which
Contact Music declared ³The three piece weave mini-masterpieces that are
filled with an almost infinite amount of ideas” in their review), and toured
the UK, piling their accordion, piano, trumpet, guitar, drums, sampler, loop
pedal and god knows what else into one car, along with themselves.

Haiku Salut never speak onstage, and spend their performances switching from
instrument to instrument, meticulously creating the intricate melodies that
go to make up their songs. But the silence of these ³three mute girls², as
they also call themselves, is deceptive. ³We¹re all big Murakami fans and
consequently mildly confusing subject matter is plentiful during practice.
We like the idea that we¹ve created a piece based on a nonsensical and
often-obscene plot but it remains intangible to the listener.² Which ties in
neatly with the name of the album. ³The idea of ŒTricolore¹ is based on the
primary colours. Three colours that create everything in the spectrum but
when spun on a colour wheel become nothing at all.²

Haiku Salut release an album track entitled ³Los Elefantes² as a free
download on January 7. ³Tricolore² follows on March 11. The band play the
Union Chapel on March 9, with further UK dates to be announced.

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