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Here’s the deal: free contemporary music …. with on-site child care

The Chicago-based Spektral Quartet play cutting-edge new music. But they’re young musicians with a sensitivity to growing families.

So they’ve persuaded Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs to back a Friday morning concert series, with creche.

What’s not to like?


No need to call a babysitter for Spektral’s next concert!

We are thrilled to be the lead-off ensemble on the Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs brand-new series, Juicebox. Created for pre-kindergarteners and their parents, Juicebox is bringing some of City’s most cutting-edge new-music/theatre/dance under the Tiffany dome at the Chicago Cultural Center, transforming it into a kid-friendly performance space. Cheerios in a ziploc? Bring ‘em. Feel the need to dance or squeal? Go for it! Forgot your wallet, Mom and Dad? It’s free!

Helping us translate our all new-music set into Toddler is early childhood development ace (she raised Austin, after all), Phyllis Wulliman. Conjuring narratives and inspiring children to interact with the music, Phyllis and the Quartet will take the audience on a voyage through the brilliant and evocative scores of Marcos Balter, Elliott Carter, Hans Thomalla and Thomas Adès.

So pack those diaper bags and join us for a morning of new-music hoopla!*

WHERE    Chicago Cultural Center
Preston Bradley Hall
78 E Washington, Chicago

WHEN      Friday, Feb 1st, 2013


*misbehaving parents will be asked to sit in time-out chairs for a period of 15min.


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  1. Stephen Carpenter says:

    This feels like one of those great ideas.Someone has taken a look at what it might take to get a truly needed and needy segment of the audience population into a concert seat.

    Stick with this because there is a present payoff for people who want a concert and a future payoff in a committed audience maturing into other concert environments. Can grandparents bring their grandchildren if they want to?

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