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Here at last – the Mahler Big Bang

We showed you a few days ago how a percussionist in Kansas City prepares for those terrible blows of fate in Mahler’s sixth symphony. We stopped short of showing the big bang. Here it is, with percussionist Christopher McLauren.

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  1. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Pretty good publicity, Maestro. Les trois coups? Les 400 coups? Les 400 fruffes? Les troupeaux de Truffaut?
    Merde, alors.

    • Nosey Parker says:

      Oh Bobby for heaven’s sake chill out man.

      • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

        Now who might this be? Only my mother and grandmother called me Bobby. Just remember, I am gone but not forgotten (which is better than the other way around),

    • Die Frau mit schatten says:

      Nosey Parker, Robert Fitzpatrick is the former long time Dean of the distinguished Curtis Institute of Music. Please show some respect!!!

      • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

        For some reason, I sense that Mr. Parker already knows that. Thank you for your concern meine schoene Frau. Ich bin ein Schatten ohne Frau.

        Let’s turn to more important musical matters like whether Maestro Stern will take the repeat in the first movement of Mahler 6 to delay the denouement of the Finale with its several cataclysmic hammer blows. Also the resonance of those hammer strokes is greatly enhanced if the stage floor is made of wood on a wooden frame (like in the old Academy of Music in Philadelphia) and not like the renovated Carnegie Hall which provided a concrete slab under the stage (which has since been rectified, I believe). With a large wooden box on a hollow wooden stage, the audience actually feels the hammer blows vibrating through the building. I have vivid memories of a 1968 performance conducted by a young Claudio Abbado in Philadelphia.

  2. WOW!!! What a wonderful resonance! Wish I could be there for the concert.

  3. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    My reaction is MEH… Total bunch of publicity FLUFF… Are we performing music or program notes????

    The Kansas City orchestra is wonderful, but this is just fluff… and the sound of the blow is NOT on this video…

    • Shock! Orchestra publicises upcoming performances! What’s the problem with this?
      I enjoyed the video, and the sound of the low does seem to be at the end… I’m sure I heard it…

  4. Pretty disappointing. It sounds like a small firecracker going off. I think this should be a dry whack, a nasty thump, an unmusical, “sick” sound. This sounds much too “nice”.

  5. It’s a PR stunt, but it’s pretty clever. It tells you a story of the hammer blow debate and creates some suspense to try and entice you to go. Not bad.

  6. Francesca says:

    I think you should all get a grip ! It is a wondeful piece and very informative at that. We are not all music majors! It certainly will enhance my listening! Bravo, Maestro!

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