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Has Jackie Evancho cancelled Avery Fisher concert?

We’re hearing from disappointed fans that they have been told Jackie Evancho’s Lincoln Center date in May is off.

There’s nothing about it on her website. Ticket owners have been offered refunds. PBS officials say there have been schedulig conflicts.

Anyone know more?

"David Foster and Friends" at Mandalay Bay Events Center

photo: Ref: infuslv-07/Kabik

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  1. Maybe her voice has broken ;)

  2. Clarita Crabtree says:

    Unfortunately, yes. I just spoke with the gentleman at THIRTEEN PBS in NY, where we had purchased Meet and Greet tickets, and he said that the concert had been cancelled. I am so very saddened to learn this. I had met Jackie at her very first public full length concert when she was 10, in Houston, Texas. She was amazing then, and has only gotten better. We were able to attend her second PBS taping at the Orpheum Theater in LA, and we had meet and greet tickets this time, with front row seats.

    Needless to say, my heart is broken. But, I do realize that scheduling conflicts do occur and this is just a part of life.

    If you have never seen her live performances, then it is well worth the time and money to see her. Of course, we can all enjoy her wonderful CDs and DVDs.

    • As I read this I wonder whether they would cancel because of low sales? I know the NY Phil would go on, but perhaps not a concert such as this. If she is not ill (thankfully) and the date was not a new one, what other reason but this could there be?

      I can’t imagine PBS is pleased.

      They obviously needed Lang Lang to stop by.

      • Clarita Crabtree says:

        This cancelled concert was NOT a PBS production. It was one of her regularly scheduled concerts. The reason I mentioned PBS, is because I got my tickets through PBS when her most recent Great Performances aired. The NYC PBS station is refunding my full purchase price. She has to have a VERY GOOD reason for the cancellation. I can’t even speculate as to what that reason is, but I know what it ISN’T. It isn’t because her ‘voice is broken’, nor is it due to illness. I mean, how can one know in January that one will be ill in May? And I seriously doubt that it was low sales. Most of her concerts are sold out.

        My opinion is that something even bigger is only available to be done within that time frame. Perhaps she will be producing her new CD, or perhaps she is doing another PBS special, or perhaps she is traveling overseas, or perhaps she is staring in another movie. I mean, all people can do is speculate.

        But the one thing of which I am sure: It must be very important for the Evancho team to have made this decision. Her fans just have to know that something like this is not done lightly or without very careful consideration to all the fans, musicians, venues, etc., etc. We must just wait and be delighted when we finally learn the real treats in store for us.

        • everett cox says:

          Clarita nobody at this time knows who cancelled the Fischer concert, not the reason why, so for you to imply that Team E cancelled it is unwarranted.

          • everett cox says:

            Edit; should read …”NOR the reason why”…

          • Clarita Crabtree says:

            You are correct, and I may have failed to express myself well. I wouldn’t presume to try to attempt to say ‘why’ it was cancelled or who actually did the canceling. I was simply trying to say that NO ONE knows why, and to speculate that ‘she has lost her voice’ or ‘she is ill’ or whatever people want to come up with, is ill advised. I was only attempting to keep the discussion positive, i.e. looking for a really wonderful, exciting reason, rather than ‘going negative’ as some were heading by speculating that somehow she is ill or lost her voice or can’t sell enough tickets. I am content to just wait and let the people in charge explain, if, in fact they feel the need to explain Some things are just better accepted and looked upon as life’s little changes which allow us to move in other directions. Peace :)

        • In regards to ticket sales, I have gone to ticketmaster. A concert scheduled for this week seems 50% sold. A concert for May seems about the same, perhaps a bit more. The one other concert listed does not allow an interactive map. Clearly, not all of her concerts are “sold out.” I suspect perhaps none of them are, although these are not large venues. I am now much more suspicious that ticket sales must be the reason for the otherwise inexplicable cancellation.

          I wish to say, still, that I hope whatever arrangements she has for concerts are sufficient to sustain her career as she would like it. Sell outs are not required for a fulfilling and prosperous career. Only a precious few classical artists regularly sell good numbers of tickets.

          This item is of interest due to how she burst on the scene, with much success and even greater hyperbole (which often included her fans diminishing the success of classical artists). Perhaps she and her career will now settle into something comfortable and workable for the long term.

          • Janey,

            We were informed by fans who live in that area, that her concert on the 22nd, in Minneapolis, Mn would not be close to a sellout because of the weather there this time of year. I just checked the weather there, at 2:10 PM and it’s -6 degrees F, with gusty winds up to 18 mph. It will be much colder, after the sun goes down. The May concert, is more than 4 months away, so I’m pretty sure those numbers will grow

            For 2012, her attendance per concert averaged 87%. Her appearance at Puyallup, Washington at the Puyallup Fair with the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra on 09/15/2012 was a sellout, with 10,000 tickets sold.. Her recent concert at Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, in Costa Mesa, Ca was over 100% with SRO. In fact, she set a record for the highest attendance in the hall’s history. I’m pretty sure she can sustain her career, with her concert tours.

            I doubt very much that ticket sales had anything to do with the concert at AFH. In fact she and her family are very honorable people, so I’m pretty sure there had to be a very good reason for canceling. Right now we don’t even know who cancelled, the Evanchos, or AEG.

            Best Regards,

          • Thank you. We keep hearing of record sales at the Segerstrom, and yet, it does not appear anywhere in any internet search. Several sell outs from other artists do appear. It is true I am not an expert searcher on this computer, but I do know the basics.

            If there are official statistics for Ms. Evancho’s 2012 concert attendance, I would very much appreciate a link. Other fans of hers here have said they do not exist. I tend to believe the latter and suppose that the 87% figure stated is, again, hyperbole. Still, I am happy to receive information.

            The child is doing very well. I see no reason for concern.

  3. Is she ill? A PBS concert cancelation is a major issue. I do wonder. I hope she and her voice are well.

  4. everett cox says:

    We’ve been talking about the cancellation in Jackie’s chatroom since we found out and we don’t know any more about it than you do Norm. The office said “scheduling conflicts” but the event had been scheduled for a long time so we can’t understand how that excuse is even plausible. You might know because you have a lot more experience in this area than we do. Most of us are just amateur fans.

    I live near Dallas Tx.(have seen Jackie twice in concert) so I don’t have a dog in this fight but if I had bought tickets I would be calling the box office and raising hell.

    (BTW we have noticed your changed feelings about Jackie and our feelings toward you are changing as well. :) )

  5. Yes, it was definitely cancelled. However, Evancho recently added an Atlantic City date to her concert schedule. This is what she currently has scheduled:

    January 22, 2013, Minneapolis, Minnesota at the State Theatre
    January 24, 2013, Chicago, Illinois at Symphony Center
    February 1, 2013, Boston, Massachusetts, at Citi Performing Arts Center, Wang Theatre
    February 16, 2013, Atlantic City, New Jersey at Revel Ovation Hall
    March 12, 2013, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Heinz Hall with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
    March 14, 2013, Toronto, Ontario at Roy Thomson Hall
    May 9, 2013, Providence, Rhode Island at Providence Performing Arts Center, with the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra
    May 16, 2013, Cleveland, Ohio at the Palace Theatre at Playhouse Square
    May 18, 2013, Baltimore Maryland at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

  6. john wilson says:

    i was on jackie evancho’s website the other day and there was a list of concerts and at the bottom was just a list of countrys canada japan new zealand and australia and that is where i live but when i went back to the website to see if i could learn more it was gone from her website with only the american shows listed i know i was not seeing things the list was there and we would really like some of her concerts in this part of the world they would be a sellout we live in hope.

  7. Don Meylor says:

    No knowlege of other Evancho concerts but I attended her Segerstrom Concert Hall concert on Dec. 17, 2012 and it was sold out including the choral section behind the orchrestra. Of all the performances there since its opening in 2006 Ms. Evancho’s has been the only one to sell out and with half the tickets priced at $139.00.

    • The only act EVER to have sold out Segerstrom Hall is Jackie Evancho? Hardly. If this claim were true, the Hall has been an utter failure.

      Please let us not lapse back into such hyperbole.

      If she did sell it out, congratulations to her. That is an impressive accomplishment.

  8. Jackie Reporter says:

    Here is a rumor that may be relevant: JE’s Amazon forum reported that someone at JE’s fan club said that “he has it from an ‘un-named source’ that Jackie is going to New Zealand soon. Then they started talking about her playing an Elf in a Hobbit movie and singing. Wonder if there is any truth to this.”

  9. Briarwood says:

    If anything, I hope she cancelled this concert in order to be a kid…go home and have fun, Jackie!

  10. Clive Plank says:

    I wish some people will realise that Jackie is just a kid and as such she should not be exploited intentionally or unintentionally through over enthusiasm. You will doubtless get your money refunded and Jackie will hopefully be around for years to come delighting us all.

    I am in the United Kingdom and would be first in the queue if Jackie were to tour here. But in the meantime I am happy to wait and enjoy her products until she feels the time is right to give us a visit and if that is when she has matured a little more so be it.

    The novelty of her age will recede but I am hoping that we are going to be left with a woman with a gorgeous voice. Please do not pressure her to do more than is advisable at the stage and wait for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly.

  11. HomoSapiensLaptopicus says:

    Here are photos of the audiences at Jackie’s recent concerts in Minneapolis (22 Jan), Chicago (24 Jan) & Boston (1 Feb). They look pretty full, & reports from attendees reported that.

    At her recent Boston concert, the harpist in the orchestra, Katie Lyon-Pingree, said this on her FaceBook account; link below:

    “Ok so Jackie Evancho is really just that good. I seriously started crying at her high notes during O Mio [Babbino Caro].

    She is seriously channeling Divine energy with some past life influences all at once.

    Even if you don’t believe in that sort of thing – she’s amazing. Truly.

    She sounded just. like. this.

    …and then when she was done?

    She would be a 12 yo girl – GIGGLING ON STAGE.

    If I didn’t see it and hear it for myself – I don’t know if I would have believed it.”

  12. everett cox says:

    Yes Katie she makes many people cry when they hear her. Muhammad Ali, to name one, also cried when he heard her sing OMBC.

    Divine energy? The Russians call her “The Divine Child” and who would know great voices better than they? And she proved to Dmitri that she was not invited as a novelty act, that she was a serious musician, and that she could actually hold her own with one of the top Sopranos in the world; Sumi Jo. In fact, now SJ wants to sing the Flower Duet with Jackie(per SJ’s tweet last year) and it would not surprise me in the least if Jackie has not learned it by now. And wouldn’t it be just fabulous if they recorded it for Jackie’s new album!! Which she should be working on in that two month stretch between March 14th and May 9th.

    One more thing; Jackie was the guest of David and Yolanda Foster in Malibu Ca. the past several days. Foster was her producer on Dream With Me. It is quite possible that he will produce this next one as well. Nothing is confirmed yet but we are waiting eagerly for the good news!!

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