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Glenn Gould conducts Mahler

Not to be believed. Some kind squirrel has unearthed footage of what appears to be a young version of the great pianist waving his hands as Maureen Forrester sings the Urlicht from the second symphony. A must-watch.

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  1. and thank you Gema, no one in Germany can watch this. Faantastic.

    • I can, by using a Virtual Private Network. I link to a server in the States, which connects to YouTube and then bounces the signal to me in Germany. For this service I use the firm called Idenity Cloaker which is based in Prauge. With it I can use Pandora Radio (which I love,) Netlix, and see thousands of videos GEMA has blocked. There are so many types of media blocked in Germany, that only by using a VPN am I able to be more fully aware of what is happening in the outside world.

  2. Joel stein says:

    This has been available for years-it was on the laser discs issued by Sony decades ago.

  3. I believe it’s also on the DVD set “Glenn Gould: the CBC Broadcasts”

  4. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    He appears to have been left-handed (beating with the left, expressing with the right hand). Expressive and awkward gestures at the same time. There have been some fascinating documentaries recently on this remarkable musician commemorating the 30th anniversary of his death and the 80th anniversary of his birth in 1932. I wish I liked his playing of Bach as much as some other listeners…but he had a distinctive musical persona that is absent from so many performers today.

  5. It’s wonderful to hear Maureen. We miss her a lot. Ann

  6. boyd hussey, (Douglas Ontario Canada) says:

    miss doesn’t begin to describe it. no one has filled the spot yet.

  7. Jennifer West (@Westjet007) says:

    It’s on the SONY 10 DVD set of all his CBC Video recordings. I love him.

  8. Timon Wapenaar says:

    Through some fault in the recording I can only hear Maureen’s voice and not Glen’s…

  9. David Boxwell says:

    GG’s hair flops and MF’s bow covers up her cleavage (CBC-directed costuming). This made me weep, anyway.

  10. Harry Hagan says:

    I love Maureen Forrester! So nice to see and hear her. Someone please say WHY GG was conducting this!
    Was there a shortage of conductors then?
    I bought GG’s complete Mozart Sonatas; very bad mistake.

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