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Exercise your ears, eyes and mind this weekend

1 A profile of Willi Boskovsky, the Vienna concertmaster who directed the New Year’s Day concert for 25 years. Rare, early footage of Willi’s waltzes at 8:00

2 Is Pushkin about to make a comeback?

3 The lowest voice you’ll ever hear

4 What happened to culture in the First World War

5 Furtwängler (see here)

6 Late Furtwängler

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  1. Lucky Jim says:

    Thanks for the link to the Pushkin article,
    The discrepancy between Alexander Pushkin’s reputation in Russia and abroad is indeed surprising.
    I don’t read Russian, so it’s hard to say to what extent the translations in the old Penguin editions compromise the original texts. I never bought the newer, revised editions.

    The West African connection was news to me as well.
    Further, it’s hard to believe that such a tremendous cultural figure never traveled abroad.

    Mr Lebrecht: is the author of the Pushkin piece, Michael Johnson, the same writer who wrote that scathing piece about piano competitions in the New York Times?

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