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Dutchman flies in as Muti flus out

Riccardo Muti is out of Chicago’s Beethoven concerts this week with flu.

Edo de Waart deputises. Check it out on The Classical Review.

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  1. It is actually quite an awful flu season here in the US. Wishing Muti speedy recovery. They could do worse than De Waart, too.

  2. Yes Addison says:

    I will admit I have been following it at some distance, but has Muti’s tenure there not seemed ill-starred, health-wise? Might any Chicagoans want to chime in on the overall satisfaction level? My impression has been that when he has actually conducted, the results have been stunningly good, but he’s had to miss a good portion of his modest commitments. And I know he’s not the type to cancel lightly. He did once conduct an opera while passing a kidney stone.

  3. musicista says:

    He just cancelled next week’s program also. Given that the first rehearsal for that is not for another 6 days, it seems a little premature if the flu is what he has. Now, he has to meet the CSO directly in Taipei at the start of the tour rather than go through the two weeks of tour repertoire beforehand.

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