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Doomed orchestra wins major German award

The orchestra of SWR Baden-Baden and Freiburg, which is to be forcibly merged with the radio orchestra in Stuttgart, has been singled out for the prestigious honours award of German record critics association, the Ehrenpreise 2013 of the Deutschen Schallplattenkritik.

The award singles out the orchestra as an artefact of endangered heritage and celebrates its many recordings since 1946 under chief conductors Hans Rosbaud, Ernest Bour, Michael Gielen, Sylvain Cambreling and currently François-Xavier Roth.

Roth tells Slipped Disc: ‘we are very touched by this award in the present situation.’

f-x rothpreis


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  1. Delighted to read that! Along with many others I signed the petition last year – to no avail. I still have a fond memory of Rosbaud and his band in a terrific programme of Nono and Debussy in 1956 in Tübingen.

  2. This merger in South West Germany will reinforce the role of this orchestras which right now is only of regional importance. They have recently named a extremely capable manager to look over the merging process until 2016 and I sincerely think at the end, the international profile will raise.

  3. José Bergher says:

    By merging, this fine orchestra was another victim of that universal sickness invented by managements and governments that lack creativeness, personality and integrity. When in doubt, merge! When in financial straits, merge! The final solution. Just do what the idiots in management or governments say and merge two organizations that have their own personality and tradition into one that hasn’t got any. Of course, merging eliminates musicians’ jobs. But this is unimportant; just a little side effect…

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