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Conductor quits Austria for Australia

Graz Opera has a crisis on its hands. The music director,┬áJohannes Fritzsch, has walked out, giving a week’s notice. He’s leaving, says the company, ‘at his own request and for personal reasons’.

Fritzsch, 52, has been in Graz, Austria, since 2006. But he’s also chief conductor of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in Brisbane, Australia, and, he says, ‘after many years of professional and personal balancing act between two continents, I have decided to work and live where my family is.’ Fritzsch is married to Susan Collins, a violinist at the Sydney Opera House. He’s got his priorities right.

johannes fritsch

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  1. have had the pleasure of listening to many of his performances. A great conductor!

  2. Betcha this year’s frigid winter just made him decide he’d had enough of the cold. After this past week I’d take a job in Brisbane, too.

  3. Malcolm James says:

    Obviously, he made the right decision by putting family first…but, should he really have left Graz in the lurch by giving a week’s notice. Did Mrs F. give him an ultimatum?

    • This is nothing but speculation, but one possibility that strikes me is that this month’s catastrophic wildfires in southern and southeastern Australia, followed by the current flooding in Queensland, made him realize that he did not want to be a full 24-hour journey away from his family.

      I still like to believe that he just couldn’t stand the cold for another day … :-)

  4. My thoughts exactly Malcolm…

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