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And the winner of the Dutch Music Prize is….

… a brilliant double-bass player.

Rick Stotijn is a magnetic presence as principal double-bass in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and  a driving force in contemporary music back home. Together with his mezzo-soprano sister Christianne, he is forever listening to new composers and finding them commissions.

Well done, Rick!

On March 8, Rick will give a concert at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, after which he will receive the award from Jet Bussemaker, minister of Education, Culture and Science. Past winners include Janine Jansens and Peter Wispelwey.

rick stotijn

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  1. Funnily enough my best friend from childhood is Dominic Seldis, who is now principal double bass for the Royal Concertgebouw. He also makes appearances on Maestro in the UK and the Netherlands, and on Young Musician of the Year. I should imagine he knows Rick. He’s looking forward to a world tour with the Concertgebouw over the next 2 years. We grew up together in Bury St Edmunds, then he went of to Chethams, Guildhall, etc etc. Nowadays we only meet up if he’s on tour near me!

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