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Scraping a living, a British leader lays down his bow

We have been informed that Peter Mountain, who was leader (concertmaster) of several British orchestras, has died in the year of his 90th birthday.

peter mountain

A member of the Boyd Neel Quartet, he played in Klemperer’s Philharmonia before answering the call to lead the Royal Liverpool Phil from 1955-66. He went on to occupy the first seat in the London Philharmonic and the BBC training Orchestra, winding up as head of strings at the Royal Scottish Academy. Many recordings by British orchestras feature his silky solos. He was married for half a century to the pianist Angela Dale. He called his autobiography Scraping a Living.



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  1. Now, there was a great and generous man who really made a difference. I’m sad at his parting.

  2. Lawrence Gill says:

    Peter was a wonderful musician and a real gentleman. I had the privilege of working with him on several occasions when he lived here in Glasgow. He and his wife, Angela were the perfect couple who had terpene nous enthusiasm for passing on their skills as highly regarded performers and teachers. He will be remembered by many many musicians for his compassion, sensitivity, humour and downright good fellow!!

  3. jamie macdougall says:

    he tried his very best to teach me at the Music School of Douglas Academy. He once joked with my singing teacher at the time, Patricia McMahon, that he’d ask me to sing the line as I played it on the violin. Pat replied that she’d tell me to think of the’ bow on the string’ to feel the legato line as I sang. ‘Well Pat!’ . ‘I’m glad that what you said worked!’ He was such a wonderful and warm man whose patience was sorely tested by me but I’m so glad he stuck with me.

  4. Jacquie Speirs says:

    Peter was such a gentelman and a real inspiration to me whilst at the RSAMD. I remember his sonata classes very clearly and his wicked chuckle when I messed up. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

  5. chris griffiths says:

    I can only fully endorse all eulogies for Peter. I had the double good fortune to work with him in Bristol, where he was Concert Master with the BBC Training Orchestra and later in Scotland in many venues. He had combined virtues of tremendous energy, enthusiasm, humour, experience and knowledge.

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