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Which orch has got the best string tone for ring tones?

Nokia did a little study and decided it was Bratislava. So they booked the Brat Pack to record the next 25 classical sound bites, composed in-house.

Exactly why Bratislava strings sound better down a phone that Vienna down the road is not explained here. Maybe it’s to do with session rates.

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  1. Nokia – Naxos – are they by any chance related?

  2. Well, of course it’s to do with session rates.
    That, and Vienna tend not to accept to do recordings they don’t want to do / that don’t fit their musical & artistic ‘vision’, etc., so probably not worth asking.
    Just be pleased they actually used a real orchestra instead of a sample library, or having no orchestral ringtones anyway.

  3. It’s not just session rates but session experience, which is a side benefit of those ower rates. The Bratislavans, who have a traditional playing style close to the Viennese but are also capable in Czech and Hungarian styles have, in the years since ’89, established themselves as perhaps the most reliable, efficient and professional recording orchestra in central Europe and undercutting the competition in price has not come to mean undercutting in quality due to this experence. When hired for a recording, they send thier top player and they come prepared — they have rehearsed the materials, they have all the instruments and equipment ready — and they are flexible in the studio with both time and technique, qualities not always associated with bigger name enxembles..

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