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Vienna’s answer to Andre Rieu is coming out on record

Her name’s Barbara Helfgott and be warned: she also sings.

This is the new release:

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  1. Oh, dear! Just what I was afraid of – she tried to sing part of the Queen of the Night aria. She should definitely stick to playing the violin.

  2. Maestro Flash Montoya says:

    Is it me, or is playing along to a playback in the video? Where the electric bass, the congas… From the looks of it, she’ll be booked for lots of children’s birthday parties and convention shows.

  3. Michael Endres says:

    Angel of death,take me away !

  4. Considering her pictures alive and Website distinguishing “Klassik” to “Pop” side, she is fitting better for a love duet with Garrett. They got the exactly same expressions, smiles, glances. Let’s allow Rieu to be the step father on this Crossover Opera horror show.

    When people said: “It is necessary to develop new ways to obtain more audience for classical music. More investments on R&D” etc. I hope they are not talking about it.

  5. When she sang that song about music I was glad I had the toilet handy to empty my guts into. A second rate concert violinist coupled with a second rate voice. Oh dear!

  6. That’s pretty terrible! Rondo Vienna – reminds me of Rondo Veneziano, an Italian baroque pop orchestra which was quite popular in the 80s. To my shock and amazement, when I googled that I found it still exists.

  7. Michael P Scott says:

    She’s related to David, I presume?

    I also presume that Florence Foster Jenkins would approve of the drum beats in the Fauxzart?

    • Petros Linardos says:

      Sexy crossover female violinists may make me deplore the state of show business and its impact on classical music, even if I enjoy looking at their beautiful thighs.

      By contract, for reasons I don’t fully understand, Florence Foster Jenkins always makes laugh.

      If, however, we want a good laugh around the Queen of the Night’s aria, without any of hell’s vengeance boiling our hearts, nothing beats this (starts at 0:20):

  8. . . . But look at how many string players (and they’re happy to have the work) she is employing! Regardless of what she’s doing musically, like Andre Rieu, she’s a “job creator.” I was impressed that her high Cs were in tune the Queen of the Night passage.

  9. Nelson Armitano says:

    The Horror ! …

  10. If she is the answer to André Rieu, could someone please tell me what was the question?

  11. Petros Linardos says:

    Ok Norman, It’s your blog, you call the shots… But I’m probably not alon in hoping for fewer references to clips like the above and more to clips like Thielemann’s Hansel und Gretel extract or Chailly’s Mahler 8.

  12. Dr. Marc Villeger says:

    Well, she got a entire post on your blog didn’t she? Better than this ever got despite your “enjoying it very much”. Sad indeed.

  13. David Rowe says:

    She is not really playing…at least not the more challenging licks. Check out bowing at 2’47″. Not even Vengerov could make that articulation with so few bow strokes! My guess: it’s all mimed – especially sad since if you’re going to go that route why not hire a good “ghost player”??!

    • You are right! I didn’t watch that far at first. But in that passage, she obviously mimes the passage that came right before it one more time, except the second time it’s much more elaborate and she forgot about that.

  14. Clearly the Vienna Phil is to blame for this. Too many unemployed femal violinists there, now it had to come to this atrocity.

    • That’s true Realist. According to the stats, the second atrocity will be “Rondo Berlin” due to the local orchestra guiltiness. Coming Soon.

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