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This music track has 186 million views

It’s less funny when you press da capo. Wherever that is.

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  1. Modulated from F# to G for the last chorus.

  2. You could put those words to the first bars of Beethoven’s 5th symphony

  3. “Gangnam Style” YouTube video has now been watched 879 million times, making it the most-watched video in history.;

  4. richard hertz says:

    it’s humor! not art. it’s very upfront about being kitsch.. what is the problem here!!!!!! everything (including my own comments on the matter) is so damn negative. this is as profound as children walking off a stage (an emotional sledgehammer lacking any and subtlety or true meaning to my eyes.)

    • But is humour not, in itself, art?

      • richard hertz says:

        it can be, like anything else. my own internal and purely subjective art-o-meter points to kitsch on the scale of kitsch to art in this particular example though.

        same with those damn viral choir children.

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