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The Vienna Philharmonic gets its annual health check – and it’s not all bad

William Osborne, indefatigable observer of inequalities in orchestras, has delivered his annual report on the Vienna Philharmonic.

You may read it here.

Happily, there are fresh glimpses of femininity, including the first father-daughter pairing. Just glimpses, though.

We may have a brighter glint later.

karin bonelli

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  1. It is high time Mr Osborne got out more – and perhaps you too, Norman?

  2. Mr Osborne has delivered his annual report on the VPO and it offers glimpses of femininity!!!!!

    I can now die a happy man.

    Thank you Mr Osborne and Mr Lebrecht. What would we do without you?

    What indeed!?

  3. What a valuable and objective analysis Mr. Osborne gives. What determination the women demonstrate. Humbling…

  4. So the Vienna Phil seems to have a similar number of female violinists as the UK’s Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra has male violinists. Will Mr. Osbourne be criticising the BSO for the obviously biased way in which it prefers to appoint women?
    The RSNO in Scotland has a dwindling number of men represented on the same instrument, too. Should this be stopped? Should they have a quota imposed to ensure an equal number of male players?
    More internationally, similar situations can be found across Europe. Why, the Andre Rieu orchestra features fewer men in the strings then the Vienna Phil features women! Outrage, surely?

  5. Martin Bookspan says:

    Thanks, William, for partially pulling aside the blanket that has covered the nasty history—past and present—of the Vienna Philharmonic players and “management”.

  6. Paul Mauffray says:

    as i said in my comment to your previous story. simply by regularly attending Vienna Philharmonic concerts over a number of years, one can see the changes. there is no substitute for actually being there.

  7. It’s lovely to read that the daughter of a VPO member’s winning the audition is considered a positive thing;
    I was scared that in the light of current VPO bashing it might be seen as blatant nepotism.

  8. Peter - a different one from the other Peter says:

    Intrigued that Osbourne implies sexism and racism: bad, nepotism: good.
    Maybe I messed it, but to track change the obvious statistic to consider is % of new players by grouping, rather than overall composition. He does it for nationality, but not gender.

  9. This is all very good news. Perhaps now I should post my C.V. (and others theirs) in order to help them pass yet another landmark, and measurably brighten that nascent glint.

  10. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    As the telecast continued there were a few shots of the female violinists who appeared to be on the right (audience left) of the timpani and percussion.

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