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The secret headquarters of the classical industry

Shortly before dawn this morning, the removal vans drew up on a quiet residential street in a small town in Germany.

Within a couple of hours it loaded up the digitised lives of thousands of working musicians. Before the neighbours could smell the coffee, the operation was on the move to a new location.

The reason, we understand, was the need for larger premises. IMG Artists’ international touring business and local German operation has burst its walls. It is moving today to Theaterstrasse 2, in a town not normally linked to the glamour of the international stage.

(c) HMTG

IMG is based in Hannover, northern Germany. The town is also the international headquarters of the biggest German classical agency, Konzertdirektion Schmid and of  Künstlersekretariat Astrid Schoerke.

Hannover is a town of 500,000 souls. Not much has happened there since the Elector George swanned off in 1714 to become King of England. Today, it has more classical agents per head than any conurbation on earth.

The word is, if you need to find an agent, get a job waiting tables or filling teeth in Hannover. (Recent surveys show that agents suffer greatly from grinding their teeth, especially when reading Slipped Disc.)



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  1. Malcolm James says:

    I wouldn’t call Hannover a small town. It’s the capital of Niedersachsen.

  2. “IMG is based in Hannover, northern Germany”. Don’t think so. According to their website they have exactly 5 employees there – 3 touring, 2 artists.

  3. Not only comes the inventor of the vinyl disc, Emil Berliner, from Hannover. It was also the place of the Deutsche Grammophon Studios for a very long time.
    Apart from the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Kuppelsaal in Hannover is (to my knowlegde) the largest concert hall in the world regularly visited by mayor orchestras.

    Regarding IMG:

  4. fair enough and very interesting. Wouldn’t say it is accurate to list Künstlersekretariat Schoerke with these two agencies, as it is no longer their match after more than a half its artists left in the course of the past two years. Schmid and IMG on the other hand have a steady income mostly from orchestra touring as they also do have relevant international artists on their list.

  5. LiuProMotion is also based in Hannover!

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