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The cellist who made room at the inn

Thomas Beckmann is a cellist with a conscience.

Nineteen years ago, after reading that two homeless young women had been found frozen in the streets of his city, Düsseldorf, he founded a charity and called it Sleeping Bags for the Roofless (Schlafsack für Obdachlose). Its most effective work is done at this time of year.

Beckmann’s idea has since been copied in 100 German cities. A sometime pupil of Pierre Fournier, Beckmann, 55, has received several awards for his charity work. It would be a good idea to have him export the brand to other lands.

He lives with his wife, the pianist Kayoko Matsushita, in the last house occupied by Robert Schumann before he was  taken to an asylum. Read more about the Beckmann and their initiative here.


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  1. Well done that man! Something all music lovers should take a lead from this Christmas. You know if everyone gave a little to projects like this it would make a whole difference to a whole lot of of people,

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