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Slipped Disc gets a credit in Izvestia

The old Soviet mouthpiece is not somewhere we have longed to appear, but it had to happen some time.

In a story on the Gavrilov walkout – a world exclusive for Slipped Disc – Izvestia reports approvingly that we reckoned there would always be someone in a Moscow concert hall who could play Rach 3.

Read Izvestia here (in Russian, rendered comprehensible by Google).

andrei gavrilov

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  1. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Chez Izvestia, there is no Pravda; chez Pravda, there is no Izvestia. I wish I has thought of that many years ago! Enjoy, Norman.

  2. Norman, while you latch on with pride to the reference in the Izvestiya article about your comment in the original blog, perhaps you should take note of the fact that the article actually contradicts your initial, rather one-sided, and certainly simplistic view that the orchestra was mediocre and Mr Gavrilin somehow the hero of the hour. As the letter from a member of the orchestra you subsequently published indicates, things were rather more contentious. So my question is: is the purpose of your blog simply to swing like a weather-cock from one side to the other according to the latest piece of salacious news, or are you seeking to act as a balanced editor and commentator and give valued judgments? It seems, from this story, that the former is the case. But please do put me right!

  3. Vladimir Fanshil says:

    Hi Nick,

    Mr Gavrilin was a great Soviet composer who died a while ago…
    Mr Gavrilov is the pianist.

    You should listen to Gavrilin sometime, sublime music.

    Norman, bravo!
    Music is still Russia’s great pride.

  4. Владимир, какой же ты умненький!

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