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Seasonal cheer: BA concedes points on cello flights

Among the many airlines that charge a full-price seat for flying cellos but withhold other services and perquisites, British Airways’ excuses to Steven Isserlis sounded singularly limp and offensive. We took up the issue on Slipped Disc two weeks ago and Steven’s travel agent kept up the cabin pressure.

This morning, Steven tells us that BA have agreed to grant his cello air miles (or Avios points, as they’re called). Well done, that airline! You’re back in the Slipped Disc preferred flyers list.

All that remains to be tested is whether the instrument will be allowed unaccompanied into the Heathrow business lounge.

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  1. Peter - a different one from the other Peter says:

    My goodness me. And is that a special exception for Mr Isserlis, or is it a policy clarification for all cellists and their instruments ?

    • Peter – I’d like to know this too – has anyone found out? Surely it must be for all cellists…. JB.

  2. Great news.

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