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Just in: Plan confirmed to kill off German orchestra

The SWR broadcasting council has decided to base its orchestra in Stuttgart. Contrary to earlier assurances that the merger of two orchs would not disadvantage the towns of Freiburg and Baden-Baden, the council has simply followed the blueprint of manager Peter Boudgoust to kill off the Freiburg ensemble and save five million Euros a year.

The decision is remarkable for its lack of transparency and responsiveness to public and musical protest. Boudgoust gets my vote (see poll) for worst orchestral manager of the year in Europe.

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  1. Germany must be feeling the effects of the recession in ways it has not publicly disclosed. How could it be otherwise with these wars that are bankrupting the U.S. and EU? One suspects that Boudgoust is likely carrying out the orders of his unnamed bosses, and that the lack of transparency is protecting them all from accountability and proving out why and where the deficit has arisen. Yet, if those communities want their orchestras, why not try to work out innovative ways with them to make their orchestras solvent?

  2. Beeing directly involved in this case from the German Musicians Unions side I must correct: Mr Boudgoust is the chief of the SWR, not only a simple manager. The plan to merge the two radio orchestras has been developed over two years. The distance between the two cities of Freiburg and Stuttgart is some 180 kilometers… Never ever a merger of orchestras has taken place over such a long distance, besides all the artistic and olitical arguments against this project. It’s a shame!

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