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Music for the feet alone – our 11th seasonal single

We’ve had lots of requests for more Alkan on the pedal piano. Here’s his first étude for feet alone -

and here the magnificent Benedictus. Both played by pedal-piano revivalist Roberto Prosseda.


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  1. I’ve released the Douze Études pour les pieds seulement on two (of what will be three) CDs of Kevin Bowyer playing Alkan’s organ and pedalier music on the organ of Blackburn Cathedral (details at When we launched Vol. 2 at the City of London School three or four years ago, I had a clear view of Kevin’s feet on the pedalboard as he was playing two different metres with each foot — and my eyes and ears could not reconcile their respective inputs! Next year sees the bicentenary of Alkan’s birth and we have some more Alkan first recordings in the pipeline — but only piano, not pedal piano, I’m afraid.

    • Those pedal studies may not quite be Alkan at his glorious compositional best, but they’re the most astonishingly inventive pieces that most of us have heard but rarely (if indeed at all) until lately because of their fiendish difficulties which are pretty scary even by Alkan’s own exalted standards. These two CDs are an absolute must for anyone interested in 19th century keyboard music and splendidly played by an organist capable de tout (I reviewed them some 4½ years ago – see; as it’s now the time for New Year resolutions, may I use this space to beg Martin Anderson to make one about releasing the all-too-long awaited Vol. 3 of this remarkable series as soon as possible?!

  2. Where is the “Benedictus”?

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