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Off topic: richest artist splits from wealthiest gallery

Among all the year’s sad and bad news, this may not twang your heart strings. But I find a certain sic transit value to the news that Damien Hirst is parting company with gallery impresario Larry Gagosian. And all these years I thought: they so deserve each other…

The FT has the scoop.

damien hirst

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  1. Francis Schwartz says:

    Much ado about nothing. Hirst is a snake oil purveyor who thrives on undeserved publicity.

  2. There’s Art, and there’s Money. And then there are those artists who make lots of money by “exposing” the incongruities of the marriage of Art and Money.
    And then there are artists……

  3. Neil van der Linden says:

    Such news first appears in the FINANCIAL Times of course.
    (Not that that is a bad newspaper…..)

  4. Stephen Carpenter says:

    One thing that can be said is that they fully embraced the philosophic notion that all artists are charlatans heart. and when that jig is up one has to step into ones own pool. It’s a workable model as one grows water wings as they drown in their own contrivances.

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