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Musicians in upcoming orchestra forgo pay rise in the interests of peace

The 83 Milkwaukee Orchestra players were contracted to receive a pay rise next season. It would have raised their average remuneration from $59,250 to  $63,500. But they have decided to pass on the rise in order to keep the organisation stable. Their decision will save $923,000 over three years.

In return, savings of quarter of a million dollars have been found in management costs. It sounds like everyone in the organisation is talking together in close harmony. Read more here.

Milwaukee’s music director is Edo de Waart. He used to be at Minnesota. Must be counting his blessings.



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  1. It's That Steve Again (ITSA) says:

    This is commendable. It’s far better that an organisation of any sort survive than go to the wall because people can’t think beyond their own parochial wants. We need more of the sort of sensible thinking displayed by the MSO throughout all industries, from both workers and CEOs. CEO in some fields is beginning to stand for Chief Extortionist Officer.

  2. Terry Carlson says:

    Interestingly, Edo de Waart conducted LOMoMO (Locked Out Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra) just last evening! (and will do the same at today’s Sunday matinee concert). Standing room only at both concerts.

    Orchestrate Excellence, a new community-based coalition to support the Minnesota Orchestra was announced at last evening’s concert by LOMoMO (Locked Out Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra). “We are concerned citizens who have come together to find ways to assure the high quality of the music that we love.”

    By the way, the concert was spectacular, with former Music Director Edo de Waart conducting Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony including soloists Ellie Dehn, Adriana Zabala, Thomas Cooley, Philip Zawisza, and the “Ode to Joy Chorus” of 85 Twin Cities professional vocalists. Prior to intermission, concertmaster Erin Keefe and former concertmaster Jorja Fleezanis were featured in the Bach Double Violin Concerto. Extraordinary!

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