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Man strips off at Vienna exhibition of male nudes

In conformity with the high standards expected of this site, we bring you the first picture of a visitor to Vienna’s Leopold Museum who was so affected by the exhibits on the wall that he took off his clothes in solidarity. In December, mind. A real art fanatic.

Here’s the security cam picture:

If you know the poor chap, buy him socks for Christmas. The exhibition – what else could they call it ? – has been running since October. This is their first stripper.

This is how the show sells itself to passers-by:

UPDATE: We’ve been sent an uncensored full frontal of the interloper, but we’re sure you don’t want to see it.


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  1. The prim and proper Viennese blocked out the men’s penises on the posters plastered around town advertising the exhibition. And now it looks like the security cameras have blocked out this man’s too.
    What have the Viennese got against male genitals?
    It’s actually a very good exhibition and there’s an even better one in Linz, one-and-half hours away by train.

  2. Christopher Oakmount says:

    “What have the Viennese got against male genitals?”

    Other than that they look ridiculous? ;-)
    But then, being Viennese, I probably don’t get it.

  3. Wait a minute, I thought enlightened Europeans were all appalled by crude and base advertising designed only to promote consumerism?

  4. At least the stripper was in fairly good shape. Imagine the horror if he were a typical nude-beach denizen. THAT would be something to erase from the security-cam footage.


  5. Well there is someone who really joins in with the spirit of the occasion!

  6. Infinitely more tasteful than some of Tracey Emin’s exhibits.

  7. He probably thought he would just add to the rubbish already on display.

  8. Robt. Switzer says:

    While the security camera photo is censored, you let us see the uncensored, er, over-sized poster that marks the entrance to the exhibition. Why one and not the other? (Incidentally, I’d prefer to be treated as an adult and decide for myself what I get to view; I have no need to be “protected.”)

    • Stephen Carpenter says:

      I, too prefer to be treated as an adult and to decide for myself what I get to view.
      Why is it that art is so incendiary and artists so dangerous?

  9. The spirit of Freud must have moved him to disrobe.

  10. Richard Hallam says:

    Perhaps he ought to be bought three socks!\

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