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Katherine Jenkins adopts nude look for Breakfast

Here’s what she tweeted this morning: Today’s BBC Breakfast look… Nude dress by Jexika. Shoes Kurt Keiger.

Watch the video here. The top quartile seems to be styled by Barbie.

Still, the interview was revealing in certain ways. On going to America to Dance with the Stars, she says: ‘Unless you’re a fan of classical music, you wouldn’t know who I was’.

Oh, Kaff…. classical music, eh? You know, being vegetarian is not all it takes.


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  1. crumbleaddict says:

    Oh good grief – I didn’t think it could get any worse… doesn’t she realise that she is merely underlining her airheaded shallowness by telling us exactly what she’s wearing? (as if that makes any difference to musicianship… and as if we are interested!!!) and as for the ‘Classical’ moniker… NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  2. But still she has a better voice than 99% of pop artists. (There are pop singers whose style is better, of course.) I am not a severe critic of crossover artists like her in part because she really does bring a decent voice to popular material. And when it comes to serious music, I can go elsewhere. To paraphrase, I can vote with my ears.

    • Michael Varcoe-Cocks says:

      Sorry, you cannot call this clotheshorse a “crossover artist” – she has only ever been on one side. She has never been a classical artist who crossed over to the other side, still less did she start on the other side and then cross over to the classical side! What is really offensive about her and her ilk is that they are so desperate for acceptance as classical music artists when they simply do not have the talent, artistry, training or interpretative skills. Just because you can get the notes does not make you an opera singer.

      They are what they are and can be proud of that – why do they and their publicists keep up the pretence that they are something else?

      As for “Unless you’re a fan of classical music, you wouldn’t know who I was” (I cannot bring myself to watch the video, so am happy to use NL’s quotation) – we know EXACTLY who you are.

  3. I don’t think you get the free outfits/shoes unless you give the manufacturer publicity.

  4. It’s show business, and she’s has to work what she’s got. Her assets are obvious.

  5. Walter Delahunt says:

    You know, I often wonder why we don’t just kill classical music outright, rather than torturing it to death.

  6. I’m very worried that she speaks of herself in the past tense, but then maybe her sell-by date has elapsed?

  7. Victoria Clarke says:

    Fake, fake, fake. Sorry so many people are taken in by her.

  8. Walter got a laugh out of me. Thank you, Walter.

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