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Just in: The Sound of Music meets the Vienna Philharmonic

Franz Welser-Möst, who will be conducting tomorrow’s New Year’s Day concert, has posted picturess of the open general rehearsal.


This one shows him being interviewed by the program presenter for WNET, a little-known media personality called Julie Andrews.

Rub your eyes, boys and girls. What is The Sound of Music doing at the all-Strauss orgy? Have we moved into a parallel reality where every media phenomenon blends seamlessly into every other? Oh, doh a deer, why don’t you?

julie andrews

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  1. I think this is the clip that needs to be added here:

  2. Daniel Farber says:

    In America, the VP’s New Year’s eve concert was hosted for [all too] many years by Walter Cronkheit. After Walter’s demise, Public Television brought in Julie Andrews. She’s been “hosting” the event for a few years now. Worse than Julie was Maestro Pretre’s appearance on the podium. I know it’s a light evening, but an event that has seen the likes of Karajan and Kleiber should not stoop so low as to permit a hack to take over.

    • That’s Cronkite. His ancestry was Dutch, not German. And a Midwesterner through and through.

      Pretre’s 2008 concert was actually quite good. The next year not so much. Some parties can only be held once.

  3. OH NORM! You’d better get ready for this. Poor yourself a cold one, because you’ll be frothing at the mouth shortly. The VPO is going to play WAGNER on New Year’s Day:

  4. I don’t understand. What did Julie Andrews do to deserve to be mocked? Have I missed something?

    It’s a bad idea to hire a major personality who loves classical music to host a classical music event? Are we that pretentious?

    Can I think of any additional questions?

  5. Judith Lynn says:

    Julie Andrews is, as you have said, the program presenter for WNET and that is what she is doing there.

    It is not the SOM there, but Julie Andrews.

    • Terry Carlson says:

      Exactly. I think we all understand that Julie is an actress! She is not Maria von Trapp. Ms. Andrews does a perfectly wonderful job of hosting this concert for U.S. audiences each New Year’s Day.

  6. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Wagner and Verdi to mark their birth bi-centennials. And La Scala is doing lots of Wagner, too. What is the allergy to Julie Andrews?…a woman of culture who has performed in the classic films “The Sound of Music, “Mary Poppins” and the unforgettable “Victor/Victoria.” Perhaps Alec Baldwin was busy…She is 77 years old and DBE (Norman will explain that). I shall be watching live at 11:15 AM on January 1 and unfortunately will not get to see Ms Andrews. Meilleurs Voeux!

  7. The allergy to Julie Andrews in my case is that the producers cut numbers from the actual concert to allow time in the TV broadcast for Andrews’ condescending, sub-Rick-Steves’-”Europe” Austrian Tourism Board travelogues and crushingly tedious and stiltedly scripted bits of Wikipedia-gleaned edutainment aimed at the Great Unwashed, all recorded at an audio level three times as loud as the orchestra. And the damned idiotic swooping about of the cameras is enough to induce vertigo. What the hell! I’ll never watch one of those again.

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