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Just in: Red Fish lands hot rod

Le Poisson Rouge, New York’s coolest classical venue, has aannounced Tito Munoz as music director of house ensemble LPR. Tito, 29, is a former assistant conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra and a high-flier. We wonder what the red fish used as bait.

Here’s the PR stuff, with a dire photo. Tito looks more like this.

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  1. Thank you, Norman for that news. This is a group to follow.

  2. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Congrats to Tito. No question LPR is a happening place. But where I come from, un poisson rouge = a gold fish. Unless you’re Debussy and write a piece for piano called “Poisson d’or.” Anyway, it’s a club that shows a different direction for “classical” music in all its forms.

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