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Just in: Mayor slashes youth orchestra to pay for rock concert

There’s going to be a demonstration in Buenos Aires tomorrow against a decision by the mayor, Mauricio Macri, to fatten up the budget of the Teatro Colon for rock legend Roger Waters while hacking chunks out of the Buenos Aires Youth Orchestras Program. Our correspondent adds:

The Program started by Claudio Espector 15 years ago reaches 1500 children, 230 teachers get minimum wages but is very important for the development of music education and social inclusion. Letters of support will be read tomorrow in a big street demonstration with the kids, teachers, families, friends and supporters.

You can voice support and solidarity on a new Facebook page here.

Gracias, Mariangeles.

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  1. Mr. Norman,

    That’s sad news. The minister of culture Mr. Hernan Lombardi made himself the invitation to Waters to present his Opera Rock at the Colon. While the president Cristina kirchner is trying hard to shut down El Clarin, the huge media press group in Argentina (Off course, since they had never been at the government side).
    I’ve got one questions and there is nothing in the Argentina press about it (At the least I could not find). As far as I know there are 8 youth orchestras at Buenos Aires Provincia (Se my list below). Is it going to affect them all?

    - Orquesta Infantil Bo “Villa Miramar. Municipio de Bahia Blanca.
    - Orquesta Infantil Centro Educ. Bo Kennedy Direc. de Cultura de la Mun. de Pergamino.
    - Orquesta Bo Villa Luján EPB No 36 Universidad Nacional de Lanús
    - Orquesta del Bo La Sauce Bajo Boulogne – La Cava. Fundación “Crear Vale la Pena”.
    - Orquesta Escuela Florencio Varela . Esc.501 Asoc. Amigos de la Orq. de Florencio Varela.
    - Orquesta Infatil y Juvenil Bo San Carlos , Esc. No 64, Partido de Moreno
    - Orquesta Infantil y Juvenil del SNNAF Ciudad Evita-Villa zagala.
    - Orquesta Sauce en Mi, San Isidro. Fundación “Crear Vale la Pena”.


      I’m in Buenos Aires. There was this in Pagina 12 (see link) but it’s unlikely that there will be anything from the main media monopoly (the Clarin group) because they are in support of Mauricio Macri, head of the government of the city, who is axing education and health care on all sides. Thus this decision is not directly in the jurisdiction of the national government. Buenos Aires Provincia has a different local government so they will not be part of these particular cuts. Hard to believe Macri fancies himself as a presidential candidate.

      • Thanks Deborah. Indeed, I could not find it in the major media press. I had no idea that this youth program had provide musicians to such fine thing like West-Divan Orchestra and Martha Argerich Festival. That’ a real shame.

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